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5 things You want to take to Full Moon Yoga

Before relocating to beautiful Indiana, I was lucky enough to get a spot for September’s Full Moon Yoga Practice in beautiful Aruba.

This full moon yoga series is extra cool cause it’s done on a beach; a semi secluded beach lit with torches and candles.

I was excited. My brother was excited. My fellow yogis were excited.

What’s Full Moon Yoga?

Full moon yoga is a one hour yoga session done in the moonlight. The session includes lots of moon salutations. Which means lots of hip opening poses,  slow movements, and very deep release.

The most impressive thing about full moon yoga though was how spiritual it all felt.

It was the closest I’ve come to a coven.

5 things to bring to make the best of your full moon yoga practice.

The vibe at full moon yoga is very spiritual. To make the most of this powerful vibe you should definitely take with you:

an intention. Set an intention for your practice and keep it in mind throughout the practice

a mat or towel. For a beach yoga practice I’d recommend a towel, it’ll move better with the shifting sand

stones. The beach tends to get breezy, stones will keep your mat / towel in place

crystals or precious stones. It’s said that crystals will absorb the full moon’s vibe and your intentions. To that I say: why not?

a journal and a pen. At the end of the practice, that a minute to bask in the cultivated spiritual power.  Note anything that comes to you.


My first full moon yoga at the beach

I feel like full moon yoga focuses more on the sacredness of yoga, rather than the physical. Though, it’s all connected of course. After a full moon yoga you’ll feel centered, recharged, connected, and awaken.

I’m now looking for a full moon yoga practice here in Indiana. I’ll let you know how it goes.



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