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7 effective affirmations to attract abundance in all areas of life (free download included)

If you could do only one good thing for yourself in your everyday life I’d suggest affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are little phrases you can use to stay focused on what you want to bring into your life.  Affirmations make you rephrase your worries into life goals.

How do affirmations work?

Repeating affirmations is a great way to bring positivity into your actual life. It changes your inner dialogue for the better.

How do you do affirmations?

There’s really no wrong way to do affirmations, you can chant them and call them mantras. You can repeat them in your head and call them affirmations.  Orrrrr you can repeat them out loud in the supermarket and be called a crazy person.

Which ever way you choose to do them the important thing is that you do. With consistency and time you’ll start to notice positive changes is your life.

I’ve been doing affirmations for about 2 months now, and I can honestly say that the more I do it the more I notice changes.

For example, this morning the lady that works at the coffee shop had my order ready for me without even asking.

It made me feel so supported, nourished and of course incredibly grateful.

I gave her a big tip and walked to my office feeling like Mother Dove’s watching over me. It’s a little thing, but it shows that my affirmations are working and gives me hope that the bigger things on my list are just around the corner.

I love that.

So, I’ve been on a Pinterest scavenger hunt and found a bunch of great affirmations. I combined the ones that spoke to me the most with the ones I’ve been using so far.

This is my current affirmation list (includes a bonus). It’s in standard A 4 format so you can print it out and take it everywhere with you. I left room so you can fill out your own.

7 effective affirmations to attract abundance in all areas of life (free download included)

Download affirmations PDF

How to use this affirmations list

You don’t have to do the whole list everyday, choose affirmations that speak to you that day, or even in that moment. Here’s a simple technique you can use to zoom in and choose the right affirmations.

Every morning, take a few minutes and check in with yourself. Quiet your thoughts and ask yourself this one question: Which area in my life could use some love today?  Whatever you’re worried about’ll show up. Then, choose affirmations that heal and bring light to that area of your life.

Repeat your chosen affirmations throughout your day, let go of worries. Instead, get excited to see how the universe is going to surprise and delight you.

Love always,


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