How to change your frequency to change your reality

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“When you change your personal energy frequency you literally start to change your life. “

This may sound like bs but truly it is NOT.  There are plenty of books and YouTube videos explaining why and how positive frequency works.

But, although the theory behind the influence of positive energy is very interesting and enlightening, you don’t need to master the theory for positive energy to work for you. It just does, whether you understand and believe, or not.

Which meanssss you can dive in right away and see your life get better and better everyday. Awesomeness.

There’re a lot of ways to raise your energy, like affirmations,  a walk on the beach, exercise…anything that makes you smile and feel happy.

This video by Christie Sheldon goes a little deeper and ends with an AMAZING exercise that truly will change your life when done daily. I mean, things I thought were set in stone, started to change.

Like, selling my husband’s car. I thought it would take us at least a week to sell it. I’ve been using the phrase “I always get the best case scenario, the best deal and the best treatment” during this exercise (which is not only repeating affirmations btw) and got it sold within 3 hours of posting it! I would have never imagined it possible, but clearly it is.

Have at it, and let me know!

Love always,


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