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DIY no-sew Boho beach bunny bodysuit

How to / DIY no-sew body suit out of a boyfriend shirt

Last updated Feb 17, 2017

Bohemianism is all about being free,  having an appreciation for natural beauty, layers, tons of chunky accessories, and lots and lots of eye liner.

And it works! The Bohemian style and vibe is mesmerizing time and time again.

Channel your inner gypsy seductress with this easy no -sew bodysuit DIY.  Perfect for a long hot day at the beach.

How to / DIY no-sew body suit out of a boyfriend shirt


a boyfriend shirt

a pair of scissors

a measure tape


plain-shirt#1. Using measuring tape, measure the width of the shirt and find the middle point.

diy-bodysuit-step1#2. Mark a line 2  inches on both side of the middle point. These are your outer marks and will be become the crutch. Like this:

diy-bodysuit-step2#3. Using your measure tape (or a ruler), dot a straight line from the first outer mark  all the way to the edge of the shirt. Do the same thing with the second outer mark.

diy-bodysuit-step3#4. Cut on the dotted lines.

diy-bodysuit-step4It should be looking like this:


diy-bodysuit-step6#5. Cut the ends loose. Tie the ends together and trim access fabric.

diy-bodysuit-step7#6.  Optional:  add ribbons in the front of the panel. Fold the shirt into so that the front is divided in half. Cut in “ribbons” in the front panel, starting small making them larger as you go up the shirt:

diy-bodysuit-step8Grab your bikini and some bangles and you are good to go. Or layer with your favorite flowy skirt.


If this doesn’t bring world peace, nothing will.