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For the last minute gifter: FREE PRINTABLE mother’s day COLORING gift tags

Mother’s day is approaching but fast. Don’t have a gift yet? Not to worry. Make the simplest gift special for Mommy Dearest with these FREE printable coloring gift tags.

What’re coloring gift tags, you ask? 

Inspired by Mandalas, coloring gift tags are gift tags you color in.

Of course, there’s no shame in using the tag that came with the gift bag, but imagine Mommy Dearest face when she sees this colorful gift tag dangling and asks: “that’s so sweet, where did you get this tag?” And you answer: “Suzy made it for you”.

Awwwwww, a.dor.able!

That’s fun for you, fun for the kids AND a beautiful surprise for Mommy Dearest, Grandma and Mommy Friends.

Download mother’s day coloring gift tags for FREE below. You’ll receive an A4 size JPEG with four gift tags that say “For the prettiest mommy”.

Download FREE tags

Want more? I’ve also designed a set of mother’s day coloring gift tags with four different mother’s day messages just for YOU, to make the mommies in your life feel extra EXTRA special.

Get the complete collection of mother’s day coloring gift tags, click HERE to go to Etsy and use coupon ANY50OFF to receive 50% OFF! Sweet.

Love always,