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Getting to know Indiana… A visit to the Pleasant View Orchard

I never make any plans that fall on a Sunday, whatever happens on a Sunday happens cause  I really really felt like doing it.

Sundays are sacred.

Sunday mornings are especially magical. Nothing is expected, nothing is set, anything is possible.

Last Sunday was just perfect. The sun was shining, showering Indiana with sweet, gentle and soft rays. It felt like a fuzzy plush blanket.

Perfect for anything outdoors, we decided to go for the very charming apple picking and so we slowly made our way to the Pleasant View Orchard.

And what a wonderful view what was.

The Pleasant View Orchard: Brief History

Pleasant View Orchard is family owned and operated.  The 40 acre apple orchard was started in the 1930’s.

They grow over 20 varieties of apples in the orchard.  You can pick your own apples or purchase pre-picked apples in the store.

Picking your own is way more fun.

They also a great concession where you can get preserves, apple butter, apple cider, apple cider slush, caramel apples, fried biscuits with apple butter, and a warm apple cobbler with ice cream that’s just spoonfuls of bliss.

They also have a pumpkin patch, and Halloween is coming up…

You can get more info on their website.

Hot tip: the line at the concession is usually pretty long, but you can also get apple picking bags in the little shag just in front of the main building.

We sampled sooo many different kind of apples… some of which blew my mind, while others didn’t get promoted and stayed “just apples”.

My personal favorites as of last Sunday are: Ida Red, and Cortland.

Hubby and I picked a peck each, so come back to see how I use these delightful fresh apples.

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