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Mint & lime cubes recipe

Is your rum sprite getting watered down from the ice cubes? Do you love to drink your water but could use a flavor boost sometimes? Great! This post has your name all ovah.

These lime & mint cubes add flavor and a good vitamin kick to all your drinks really. Make a bunch and store in a ziplock. It’s a super easy, healthy way to upgrade your cocktails, water, juices, anything cold really. ┬áPlus they look really pretty.

I used lime this time, but feel free to use lemon or any citrus you like. Full recipe below.

Mint & lime cubes recipeJuice limes and grate zest. Add mint leaves, and freeze until hard.

Mint & lime cubes recipePop out of ice cube tray and store cubes in a ziplock.

Mint & lime cubes recipe

Mint & lime cubes recipe


  • 5 - 10 limes
  • Handful of fresh mint leafs
  • Zest of 1 lime


  1. Zest 1 lime
  2. Juice limes, the more juice the bigger the cubes
  3. Mix lime juice, mint leafs, and lime zest
  4. Freeze until set
  5. Pop out cubes and store in ziplock bag
  6. Enjoy in your favorite drink!

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