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Not just a quote…

Hi there sweet friend,

A change is as good as a rest. This is what Stephen King once said, and I think I agree.

Last week, I swapped jogging along the beach with Hot Yoga in a yoga studio which totally breaks my rule of “you don’t need to spend money to stay fit”. But, I have to say, I looooooved it! It was surprisingly tough with lotsss of strength training and lots of sweat cause it’s in a heated room. At the end of my class, I felt stronger and super relaxed at the same time.

Doesn’t mean I’m giving up jogging all together, but Hot Yoga will definitely be part of my week!

So, change is good if it feels good.

The next change to try on my list is to blog less. *Enter gasp here*.  I feel I can serve you better and write better posts by spending more time doing research, practicing, and trying out things in the real world.

So you’re giddy with excitement to read my new post on Monday. Starting back on Monday June 12th. ¬†This is the plan, let’s see what happens.

Wish me luck!

Love always,