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When do you start thinking and preparing for Christmas?

This question has been popping up in my head for a while now. When do you start thinking and preparing for Christmas?

For my sister and I, it’s never early enough. Hence this Christmas ham recipe post, which I posted in July.

I love love love LOVE Christmas time.

I love the decorations, the food, mulled wine, dark beer, lit fireplaces and classic Christmas songs. Can’t get enough.

(I’m getting more and more excited as I’m writing this post).

It’s no surprise I’ve already started planning the menu. We always have roasted turkey. mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans.

Hubby makes the pies: apple, pecan and pumpkin (cause we can’t decide which one we like the most).

So, I have room to play with the pre-dinner hor d’oeuvres, cocktail and wine/beer pairing.

Kid friendly options are now a must.

Why start planning for Christmas early?

The way I see it is like this: if the idea of Christmas dinner/shopping stresses you out, it’s a sign you should start planning.

Just like exercising, the thing you hate the most is the thing you need the pay the most attention to.

How can you get a jump start for Christmas?

  • Make a Christmas board on Trello and start making todo lists, like a Shopping list, Menu ideas list, House cleaning list, Decoration list. Then, add items to lists as ideas pop up in your head.
  • Make a guest list
  • Start thinking about your menu, incl any food restrictions your guests might have
  • With all this information, you can even set your budget (ballpark number at this point, but still)
  • Travelling for Christmas? Set reminders to help you get the best ticket and hotel prices. I like Google Flights and Booking. Search for restaurants that offer Christmas dinner. It’s never too early to book a restaurant for Christmas.

Stay tuned, as we enter December I’ll share with you my secret to getting Christmas dinner done stress-free.

Ready to go? Check these adorably quirky printable Christmas gift tags. Also available in Spanish: Etiqueta de Navidad.

When do YOU start planning for Christmas? Am I way too early? Am I late? Talk to me in the comments.

Love always,


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash