Current favorite Youtube playlist / Woody Allen as Music

Jazzy, moody, relaxing. Perfect for winding down. Thought you might like it. Love always, Jess

For when it feels like you have a twirling ballerina in your head…

Chill out session Sink into this playlist and spin, spin, spin no more tiny dancing prick. Xoxo, Jess Image by nymag.

Soca you want?

Soca you get! Here are Aruba’s  best Carnival songs of all time to get your hips loose and your body good and warmed up. Have fun. Xoxo, Jess P.S. I’ll keep adding songs to this playlist as they get released so make sure you check out this post regularly so you don’t…

Let Spotify take care of the music

Holidays / Spotify playlists So, this is Christmas…and it is hectic. As you might know, I’m cooking dinner for 30 in two days and it is officially crazy town over here. When it comes to dinner music don’t sweat it. Let Spotify take care of you and your guests. They…

Playlist updated / Sunday drive on the island

Playlist / Sunday drive on the island Don’t wait till Sunday to relax and get in an island state of mind. After all, Halloween weekend was rough. Xoxo, Jess

Creep out / Epic Halloween Party Playlist

Playlist / Halloween 2015 Dance…but keep an eye over your shoulder… somebody is watching you. And never mind that sound you hurt. It’s just this epic Halloween playlist messing with your head. Xoxo, Jess

Cool kids only / Mellow indie dinner party playlist

Mellow indie dinner party playlist The food looks beautiful and the wine is breathing. The only thing left to do is to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You hope. But what if people don’t click? Or the conversation takes a turn for the worse to lets say foreign politics……

Yoga playlist / Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen

Hi guys, What a beautiful Sunday morning on the island. The gentle sun rays seem to kiss everything it sees. The breeze quickly follows, wrapping itself around us like a crisp cool linen sheet. Splendid mornings call for splendid music. This time I went for a playlist inspired by this…

Putumayo World Music / Caribe! Caribe!

Ever since college, I have been a huge fan of the Putumayo World Music CDs…and not only cause it kinda sounds like a cuss word. The creative people at Putumayo gather the best songs from talented artists in every little nook of our beautiful planet and binds them together in themed…

Chillout / Datapanik

Local heroes and my absolute favorite band. Datapanik’s modern take on typical Aruban music is uplifting, nostalgic, melodic and poetic.  It embodies and spreads good vibes, and good vibes only. I love Datapanik, and I promise you will too. Xoxo, Jessica

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