Sea salt coconut oil body scrub & Sugar honey face scrub recipe

Recipe for two all natural scrubs to help lively up your skin. A Sea salt coconut oil body scrub & Sugar honey face scrub for skin that’s moisturized, silky smooth and glowing all day long. Sea salt and brown sugar exfoliate the skin. Coconut oil and local honey moisturize and nourish….

Pinterest Funniest / Top 10 Funny Pins

Top 10 Pins that make us laugh out loud every time. Xoxo, Jessica

7 Ways to Waste Your Day

John Lennon once said: time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. I couldn’t agree more. I love me some idle hands-in-my-pants days and I’m so good at it. Gifted. And while some of us are naturals at being lazy bums, others might not be so lucky . For all…

Baileys & Cream Ice Cubes

Decadent and rich. Pop left over cream in ice cube trays, freeze, and use instead of ice cubes. xoxo, Jessica

Lazy Sunday Playlist

Sundays on the Island are the best. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. These are my favorite songs for a lazy, laying under a coconut tree Island style Sunday. Relaxing and never boring. You are going to love them, I promise. We start off with Bobby, of course. So… Ssssshhhh,…

How farts bring us closer together

Let me start by saying for the record, that I always ALWAYS try to hold it in. This story is not about a fartathon. Let me paint you a picture. Its’s Friday morning and you already know you are meeting your friends for happy hour later. You can hardly concentrate at work…

Heat, III – A thriller by Byron Barton

Catch up with the drama, read Heat Chapters 1 and 2 here! Heat, Part III. The headlights drew closer.  A few seconds more and the area around the crane would be visible to the trucks’ occupants.  Johnny tried to think, but he felt weak and his head was swimming through…

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