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My ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine

Stepping out of a plane looking impossibly fresh is by no means an easy task, but it’s possible. My ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine will help… a lot.

In this my ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine I use only all natural DIY beauty products to get my skin glowing and nourished, ready to handle anything from the drying cabin air to the glass of wine with lunch.

Why DIY all natural beauty products?

#1: they really work, if you choose the right ingredients

#2: they’re super easy to make, which means I’ll actually do it

#3: you most likely have everything you need in your kitchen, or a kitchen nearby.

Follow this pre-flight skin-care routine the night before you travel and you’ll be surprised when you get a glimpse of yourself in the dreaded airport mirror.

Pleasantly surprised.

Like, WOW I look good!

That’s because my pre-flight skin-care routine tackles all bases of skin-care: deep cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, tighten, and moisturize. 

This skin-care routine is not for your face only, it takes care the rest of your body too so you’ll step on board nourished from head to toe.

My ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine

What will my ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine do for your skin?

#1: deep cleanse with the power of steam

#2: exfoliate and tighten with coffee

#3: brighten and tone with baking soda

#4: heal and hydrate with honey and Shea butter

My ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine

You’ll need:

a small towel, for steaming your face

a tablespoon of baking soda

a teaspoon of Shea butter

half a cup of fresh (not used) coarsely ground coffee

(raw) honey (a cup should be more than enough)



Do this routine the night before your travel.

start with a clean face.

make a skin brightening & healing face mask by combining baking soda with enough honey to make a paste. Add a touch of water if you find it hard to combine. Set aside.

make a de-puffing & healing face and body scrub by combining ground coffee with enough honey to make a paste, add water if needed. Set aside.

wet the small towel and microwave for 30 seconds. Check if hot enough. If not, keep heating 30 seconds at a time until the towel is hot but doesn’t hurt your hands.

place hot towel on face, lay down, and let steam until towel is no longer hot.

step into the shower, dampen body + face (at this point you can use soap on your body if you want, rinse off). Exfoliate face and body with coffee scrub. Coarse ground coffee is gentle enough for the face, but skip/stop if it feels uncomfortable.

rinse off coffee scrub, and turn off the shower.

apply baking soda mask starting on your face, moving down to your neck, decollete and shoulders.

let sit for at least two minutes, preferable 5 minutes.

rinse off in a circular motion.

after shower, apply a thin layer of Shea  butter on face, hands and legs.

sleep tight and wake up gorgeous!


More info on paleohacks, honeycolony, ninamarieblogs.

Love always,


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My ultimate pre-flight skin-care routine


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