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My definitive list of travel essentials

Packing for a trip has always been challenging for me. With so many variables like weather (day weather, night weather), activities,  restaurants it’s not easy to cover all bases and feel prepared.

But, I’ve learned from making lots and lots of mistakes and because of that now I have a travel essentials checklist.  This list contains things I absolutely need and use when abroad, regardless of where I go, type of trip (business/pleasure), or for how long.

This is my definitive list of travel essentials.

These are not the only things I take with me, this list of travel essentials is more my starting point I use for packing. It’s my basis, then I build up depending on things like expected weather and planned activities.

I formatted this list in a cute PDF so you can download it and use for your next trip (scroll down for download). I also left some room so you can add your own travel essentials.

My definitive list of travel essentials

Travel essentials for the airport + plane ride:

1. Circle scarf

In case it gets cold at the airport or in plane.

2. Baby wipes

For disinfecting hands and/or other body parts.

3. Pen (2)

4.  A pair of flats

I always wear flats when travelling.

5.  Inflatable neck pillow

6.  Sleeping mask + earplugs

Better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

7. Travel size hand + body lotion

Since you tend to wash your hands more when travelling, they’ll dry out. Also airplane air is very drying.

8. iPad + phone + chargers


9.  Noise cancelling earbuds

I love my pair from Fabletics. Great sound, fits tight in my ears so it cancels out noise, and it comes with 3 options of silicon buds so you’ll find the right fit for you.

These items go in my bag (personal item) for easy access.  I put the earbuds + lotion  + chargers in a zip lock so they’re easy to find and don’t flap around in my bag. The rest go in my luggage.

Skin & Hair care travel essentials:

10. Loofah

To exfoliate my skin after flying. I get a cheap loofah that I won’t mind leaving behind.

11. Neutrogena bar, stored in zip lock

My all time favorite soap also happens to be travel-friendly. No chance of spillage, just store in a zip lock bag.

12. Travel size moisturizer for my face

12. Travel size sunblock

No matter the weather.

13. At least one Sephora sleeping face mask

I love the avocado mask for intense nutrition. I do this the first and second night. One mask cup is enough for two applications.

14. Sephora’s rose eye mask

I do this the morning after I arrive.  It replenishes the delicate eye area with water for intense moisturizing and an immediate radiance boost.

15. Paddle brush

Which I use for detangling my hair and for blow drying.

16. Ouai wave spray

It’s the easiest way to get that Victoria’s secret hair. I start by blow drying my hair. As I’m blasting hot air, I comb my hair in every direction using my paddle brush.  I stop when my hair is about 70% dry. Then,  I spray the ends with Ouai, starting midway and spraying till the ends. Let air dry.

Health travel essentials:

17. Pepto – bismol tablets

Better be safe than sorry.

18. Alkaseltzer + Aspirin effervescent tablets

I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungover at least once. These really help.

19. Non drowsy allergies meds

20. Melatonin gummies

A little help for a good night sleep, especially the first night.

Makeup travel essentials:

21. Benefit’s They’re Real mascara

My all time favorite mascara, easy to build up, stays put no matter what.

22. Tinted brow gel

Mine’s also from Benefit.

23. A neutral eye shadow palette

Perfect for day time, and can be build on for night time.

24. Bite beauty multi-stick.

You can use it on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Life saver. My favorite shade is Papaya.

25. Eye liner

For winged eyes, smokey eyes, or just to make my lashes seem thicker. I like Kat von D’s Tattoo liner

26. Long lasting foundation

That also looks natural, day or night. I like Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation.

27. Nude lipstick

Download travel essentials PDF


This is what I always always take with me. This is my starting point. Then I add things depending on what I’ll be doing/wearing.

I hope this helps.

Love always,


Do you have something you always always take with you when you travel? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash